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Choice of pigments for paints, construction materials and plastics. We offer a wide range of yellow, red, orange pigments as well as purple, blue and green ones.

Special attention should be paid to diversity of orange pigments with various colour indexes and shades meeting diversified customers’ requirements (climatic, thermal resistance).

Our offer includes a yellowish bismuth vanadate, colour index PY184, in 8 different quality varieties for different applications. The pigments used to be offered on the market as Irgazin® and Irgacolor® Bismuth Vanadate Yellow.

Our offer also includes high quality blue pigments with index PB60 for car and industrial paints or plastics. The pigments used to be offered on the market as Cromophtal® and Irgazin® Indanthrone Blue.


A unique range of yellow – chromium and orange (red) – molybdenic, inorganic pigments. Incredibly durable and at the same inexpensive pigments can be applied in industrial paints and road paints. They are also used to colour plastic products.

They are characterised by a clear, bright colour, high coating power, excellent heat resistance and a very good chemical and climatic resistance.

Necowel – a range of water-soluble, alkyd dispersions for production of various types of paints. We offer water-soluble dispersions for production of wood impregnating compounds, enamel for general use, industrial paints for metal surfaces as well as wall paints and priming agents. They are characterised by short drying time,  small yellowing degree and good hardness.

Sillitin, Aktisil – a siliceous clay from the area of Neuburg on the Danube River (southern Germany). A unique mixture of plate kaolin with metamorphosed silica grains created by the nature. Widely used in paints, industrial floors, plastics and elastomers. The clay considerably enhances products’ mechanical and durability parameters. Sillitin is a natural product while Aktisil has an additionally modified surface which is to improve coupling with other ingredients of the product.

Silfit, Aktifit– New products! – calcinated versions of the above described products: Sillitin and Aktisil. Thanks to the calcination process impurities are removed from the natural product so the calcinated clay  is characterised by a high degree of brightness and can be used in very bright products. Offered since July 2011.

Decosoft, Decosilk Art – polymer micropearls used as an additive to paints in order to produce a “soft touch” effect and to make the surface feel rough. The products they are applied in include wall paints with a “soft-touch” effect, coatings for electronics producing the feeling of a pleasant softness, transparent non-slip wood-floor or stone varnishes, road paints with improved roughness for application in special (dangerous) places and many others.

Mirecide – a range of biocides. Contains preservatives for paints and varnishes – both “in-can” and coatings, agents used in production of paper, preservation of tanned leather, household chemical products and many others.

Dispersene– agents facilitating dispersion of raw materials in production of paints and construction chemistry products.

Contrapene – defoaming and antifoaming agents used in paint and varnish industry, construction chemistry products, adhesives, paper industry, leather tanning, industrial water treatment and protection and in many other applications.

Poraver – an ultralight filler from a foam glass powder. Offered in the form of granulate. We offer 10 various fractions of the product with the grain size from 0.04 mm up to 16 mm. A product with excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties.  Used as a filler in light construction adhesives, heat-absorbing plasters, other light construction products joined by means of concrete  or resins. Poraver is also used as a loosely strewed insulating material. Poraver is applied in production of light construction blocks and structural elements of buildings.

Mikrover- fine glass powder.

Metapor – a metakaolin containing small fractions of poraver. Thanks to the ability to create pozzolanic bonds Metapor is used in production of concrete- free construction chemistry products. Sample application: lime plaster.

Celatom –  diatomaceous clay. A unique mineral extracted in the deserts of North America. It is characterised by a high degree of whiteness and exceptionally developed specific surface area thanks to which it finds application as an excellent dulling agent in emulsion paints, as filtration aid in food production, in production of vegetable and mineral oils and in production of biofuels. Diatomaceous clay is a very good non-slip agent (anti-blocking effect) in plastics processing, especially in production of foil.

Titanium white – a group of rutilated and anatased products with different surface modification. The products are obtained in sulphate process.

Hombitec– a micronised titanium white. Due to the high degree of particle refinement the product  does not act as a pigment but it is an excellent agent blocking the UV radiation. That is why it is used in production of transparent wood paints (i.e. wood floor paints, furniture paints, etc.). A different  grade of Hombitec white is used in production of automotive lacquers with so called “frost” effect ( known also as flip-flop).

Hombikat – a titanium white with a photocatalytic efect. Used in production of photo-catalytic, self-cleaning facade paints.

Hombicor – a unique white pigment with very good anticorosive properties. It is obtained by covering the surface of rutilated titanium white particles with a special anticorrosive modifier.

Sachtolith  – zinc sulfide. A white, soft pigment.

Litopon– chemical mixture of zinc sulphide and barium sulphate. A white pigment used as an economical alternative for titanium white

 Barytes -a wide range of mineral barium sulphates offered by grain size and degree of whiteness. Used in various types of paints, lacquers, glues as a chemically neutral and durable filler.

Blanc Fixe  – a synthetic barium sulphate. Offered in four varieties depending on the size of grain and possible additional surface modification. Chemically neutral, resistant to weather conditions filler used in industrial, anticorrosive paints and in paints for general external applications. Due to the synthetic production method the product is very clean and bright, without any mineral contaminations.

Sachtoperse – a micronised barium sulphate. The product is used as an agent  preventing agglomeration of pigment particles in paints. Its application reduces so called “rub-out”.

Mica–  also known as mica schist – a mineral widely used in production of paints, construction chemistry products as well as in plastics and rubber processing.  Offered in two varieties – phlogopite (yellowish-brown) and muscovite (white, grey, silvery) and in a few grades depending on the size of grain. Fine grades (several micrometres) are used in production of paints and construction materials as a construction additive having a considerable influence on properties of paints. Mica’s natural sheet structure makes it a very popular additive in production of anti-corrosion paints, it is used to improve paint’s adhesion to the surface and to prevent appearance of microcracks. Hoarse grades ( from 0.5 mm to a few mm) produce visual effect.

Talc – a mineral additive offered in several grades depending on the size of grain

Rheological additives – a wide range of rheological products based on modified bentonites. We offer products for both solvent and water-soluble paints  as well as for dry construction chemistry.

Solvents– a wide range of organic solvents in the form of both pure products and the ones coming from so called redistilation. The products are offered in whole road tanker quantities, in a very limited range.

Gas mixtures for aerosol sprays –  propellants for aerosol sprays: propane, n-butane and isobutane in the form of a pure gas or any gas mixture with a custom made pressure and composition. We have own excise tax warehouse so we can supply the goods after the excise tax procedure is closed.

We also offer DME.

Foaming agents for plastics- n-pentane, isopentane, cyklopentane and their custom made blends. Delivered in road tankers and in smaller wholesale packagings.

Chilling agents – We offer R134A, R152A and R404 chilling agents in road tankers or similar tank-containers.


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